Armstrong Settles With US Government

20 April 2018 11:22
Lance Armstrong has settled out of court with the American government.

Lance Armstrong has agreed to pay $5m (£3.5m) to the US government to settle a lawsuit that could have seen him paying out over $100m (£71m) in damages after being accused of fraud by the US Postal Service team.

The Texan is banned from cycling for life and has been stripped of his seven Tour De France wins and in a statement, Armstrong said: "I'm glad to resolve this case and move forward with my life.

"I have since 2013 tried to take full responsibility for my mistakes, and make amends wherever possible.

"I rode my heart out for the Postal cycling team, and was always especially proud to wear the red, white and blue eagle on my chest when competing in the Tour de France. Those memories are very real and mean a lot to me.

"I'm looking forward to devoting myself to the many great things in my life - my five kids, my wife, my podcast, several exciting writing and film projects, my work as a cancer survivor, and my passion for sports and competition."


Source: DSG