Head Cold For Sam Bennett In Australia

11 January 2018 02:26
Ahead of the People's Classic Criterium in Adelaide on Sunday and the Santos Tour Down Under, Irishman Sam Bennett has not had the best of preparations after picking up a head cold on the flight over.

Bennett has been segregated from his team mates in order to stop the cold from spreading but is feeling better ahead of the up coming races down under.

"I got something on the flight over here and then on the first day of training I was doing 180 watts and my heart-rate was at 160," Bennett told Cyclingnews.

"The next day I couldn't train, and I've not been able to train for about a week now. I did do three hours yesterday but didn't feel good. I'll see how I go today and then tomorrow it's a rest-day and it's meant to be raining. It's just a head cold and I was really bunged up. I thought that I'd get rid of it in a day or two but everyday it's just dragged on.

"Hopefully I'll be able to do the Classic.

"I'll need a good blow out before the Tour Down Under. It's important to have that intensity beforehand, otherwise the Tour Down Under will be too much of a shot to the body."


Source: DSG