Beloki: A crash like Chris Froome's is a life-changing experience

18 June 2019 11:48
Joseba Beloki has told Cyclingnews that he believes Chris Froome's recent crash represents a "life-changing experience" and "one from which it will be very tough - but by no means impossible - to return to racing". Beloki was victim of a major downhill high-speed crash in the 2003 Tour de France when he skidded off the road close to the finish in Gap in the Alps. Like Froome, he broke his femur and elbow, as well as his wrist, whilst Froome also broke several ribs, as well as fracturing his sternum and vertebrae.ADVERTISEMENT Whilst repeatedly underlining that he does not know the exact medical details of Froome’s current injuries, and that he cannot make a direct physical comparison, Beloki says that, based on his own experiences, such a huge crash is 'life-changing'. "I’m not forgetting that each person's body is different, and each crash is different, but as soon as I heard the news about Chris, I noticed how his accident was in some ways similar to mine in terms of injuries in the same zones, even if the fractures themselves will of course be different," Beloki told Cyclingnews. "From what I’ve read and heard, even with things like the surgeons saying it’ll be at least six months before he’s fully recovered, it seems clear that he’ll get through this and get better. Partly because these days medical practice is much more sophisticated and effective than it used to be. You can read more at . read full article

Source: Cycling News