Gaviria's future still unclear after Deceuninck come to Lefevere's aid

09 October 2018 11:51
Patrick Lefevere can revel in the fact that he has saved his team's future after it was announced that Deceuninck would step in and become a title sponsor for 2019, but the Belgian boss cannot guarantee that Fernando Gaviria will stay next year. While uncertainty shrouded the Quick-Step Floors team, Gaviria was granted permission to talk to other teams. If Lefevere could not find a sponsor, then he would be forced to nullify several rider contracts due to financial restraints, and Gaviria was duly shopped around by his agent. Even though Lefevere's team has been saved and Deceuninck has stepped up as a significant title sponsor for the foreseeable future, Gaviria is still a question mark.ADVERTISEMENT A report in La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that the sprinter was set to move to UAE Team Emirates, while Lefevere’s latest climbing sensation, Enric Mas, was linked in a move to Astana. The latter's future is set at Quick-Step, with Lefevere stating that the Spaniard will not leave under any circumstances, but Gaviria's 2019 squad remains unclear. "For me a rider has only gone when all the parties sign an agreement," Lefevere told Cyclingnews on Tuesday morning. "That needs the rider, the old team, and the new team all to be in agreement. Until today that’s not the case. Mas will certainly not leave the team. I’m certainly not going to allow that. This is of course part of the sickness that’s in cycling. We’re becoming more like football, so there are now agents who don't have the authority who start selling riders to contracts. That’s not correct. You can read more at . read full article

Source: Cycling News