Next stop Nevada: British cycle team aim at 90mph record

09 September 2018 05:00
Amateur cyclist tests limits of pedal power in world speed record attempt using special ‘dolphin’ bicycleMost cyclists tootle around town at something like 10mph. Competitive amateurs might double that, while elite professionals can exceed 30mph on the flat in events such as the Tour de France.So spare a thought for Russell Bridge, a 41-year-old amateur cyclist and father of twins who will this week lead a British challenge to break the world record for the fastest speed achieved on a “human-powered vehicle” (HPV), which stands at a white knuckle-inducing 89.6mph (144kph).It used to be people building their own things in garages but it’s all got a bit more technical Related: 105-year-old man sets record by cycling more than 14 miles in an hour Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian