Runnels doubles up at WSCXGP

08 October 2018 04:01
Samantha “Sammi” Runnels (Squid Squad) took advantage of the windy conditions Sunday in Sacramento to pull away early and ride solo across the finish line for her second WSCXGP victory in as many days. A group of five pulled away from the 19-rider field early in the first lap of the Elite Women’s Event. Clara Honsinger (Team S&M CX) who fell out of contention in Saturday’s race due to mechanical, set the early fast pace after getting the holeshot. On her wheel were Runnels, Caroline Nolan (Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster), Raylyn Nuss (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek) and Amanda Nauman (SDG - Muscle Monster). “It was very similar to yesterday, just a group of us on the front, riding there for the first two or three laps. And then Sammi came around. You try to hold that wheel for as long as you can but going into these headwind, even sitting on a wheel. She’ll get a little gap before we hit it and she’s just able to power through them, so strong,” said Honsinger.ADVERTISEMENT Runnels used skills learnt this past spring in Missouri to push the pace at the front, dwindling the lead group to three riders after one lap. “I think being in St Louis for so long, you just get used powering through it,” Runnels said of her skills in riding in strong wind. “Knowing that if you can ride hard in the wind, it’s hard for other people to go as hard in the wind because I know that the wind for me was hard until I get better at it I guess.” Honsinger said it’s nice to have a wheel in front of you to sit on but it’s not always there. You can read more at . read full article

Source: Cycling News