Slappendel urges cyclists to file formal complaints with UCI against abusers

17 June 2019 09:00
Iris Slappendel, head of The Cyclists' Alliance, has urged cyclists to file formal complaints with the UCI Ethics Commission and Safe Sport programs if they find themselves in situations of abuse on a cycling team or witness abuse within the sport. Slappendel spoke with Cyclingnews after we reported that three riders had formally reported allegations of abuse against Health Mate Ladies Team manager Patrick Van Gansen. In the wake of that report, six more riders have come forward to corroborate those allegations; five riders wrote an open letter describing their experiences to the Dutch news outlet WielerFlits, and Liz Hatch confirmed similar experiences while racing on his team in 2013 in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad. All riders have alleged that Van Gansen was verbally aggressive and made sexually inappropriate remarks toward them.ADVERTISEMENT Slappendel said that filing a complaint is the best way to protect the riders and the sport from offenders. "It's very much case-by-case but it's important that the riders who experience these types of situations file a formal complaint, even though it is not an easy process," Slappandel told Cyclingnews. "It's the only way to get these people out of the sport." Cyclingnews reported on Tuesday that Esther Meisels, Sara Mustonen and Chloë Turblin all left the Health Mate Ladies Team in the last three months. UCI Ethics Commission Safe Sport - Canada, US, Australia and Netherlands You can read more at

Source: Cycling News