Tour de France offers TV viewers a soothing look at some brutal sport

05 July 2019 10:21
Commentators combine the history – boils and all – and the pretty countryside to make a seductive packageIn his book Down Under, the American travel writer Bill Bryson writes of accidentally stumbling into “the surreal and rewarding world of cricket on the radio”. Driving alone along Australia’s Stuart Highway, our intrepid explorer chances upon the commentary of an unspecified cricket match which provides him with welcome companionship and he realises something Test Match Special listeners have long known: there is “something incomparably soothing” about cricket on the radio.Bryson marvelled at its “unhurried pace, comforting devotion to abstruse statistics and thoughtful historical rumination, exhilarating micro-moments of real action stretched across many hours and with a lushness of terminology and restful elegance”. Reading his findings, one can’t help but feel such an enlightened and naturally inquisitive man would be similarly seduced by cycling on the television. Related: Legendary Tourmalet climb promises fresh Tour de France torment | William Fotheringham Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian