Trek revamps Madone with discs, top-tube IsoSpeed

08 July 2018 08:24
This article first appeared on BikeRadar. Trek's latest aero bike, the Madone SLR, has disc brakes for the first time, but the bigger stories might be the revamp of an adjustable IsoSpeed in the top tube, an adjustable but still integrated bar/stem and a Goldilocks geometry that Trek calls H1.5. The Madone SLR comes in men's and women's models from an SLR 6 model at £5,499 / $5,999 to a £10,000 / $11,999 superbike with premium paint. To create this machine, Trek deployed a motley assortment of methodologies, from the high-zoot but expected CFD and modeling work to the creation of an enormous bumpy treadmill that can replicate all manner of road surfaces. Throw in some outrageous paint options and the new Trek Madone looks to be in a class of its own.ADVERTISEMENT Adjustable IsoSpeed — now under the top tube Trek's IsoSpeed system adds significant comfort to road bikes by allowing flex in the frame around a pivot point inside the seat-tube cluster. First introduced with the Domane endurance bike and then brought to the Madone aero bike in 2015, the system has always allows for flex in both the seatmast and the seat tube.  With 'aero' and 'comfortable' having been in contradiction for so long, the 2015 Madone with IsoSpeed was a game changer.  With the new Madone, the IsoSpeed pivot remains in the same spot, but now the flex happens under the top tube, as the hockey-stick-shaped IsoSpeed member goes from the seat mast to the underside of the top tube. Further, as with the top-end Domane, the flex is adjustable, which takes the ride from 17% more compliant to 21% stiffer than the previous Madone, Trek says. Treadmill testing Rim vs disc: lighter vs faster? New Two-Piece Aero Bar Stem H1 is pro geometry. H2 is more upright. The Madone 6 is H1.5 Men’s and women’s models Trek's framesets are all unisex, but the Wisconsin company does have women-specific contact points such as saddles and handlebars. So the WSD bike, besides different paint, are built to fit more women better than the stock models.   Madone SLR 7 Disc Women's   The Madone bikes can be customized through Project One with parts and the new Madone-exclusive paint schemes called ICON. You can read more at . read full article

Source: Cycling News