Call of the cobbles: the joy of cycling in Flanders

26 November 2023 11:00
The notorious pavé leaves this rider shaken and stirred, but the the gorgeous scenery of Belgium’s cycling heartland more than makes up for itThe Belgians love their cycling, but the Flemish worship it. The Flanders half of Belgium is laced with dedicated cycle routes carefully delineated and signposted. Whole towns close for road races. Bike sculptures lurk in fields. Posters of famous riders pepper high streets. Cycling runs deep in the culture here: that background hum you can hear? It’s the ceaseless whirr of oiled chain on metal cog.As a result, cyclists from this part of the world, dubbed Flandriens, are deemed among the toughest on the planet thanks to their years of endurance in the wind and rain that tears across this open, flat country during the chill months, and for their ability to stay upright on the painful, treacherous cobbles. Continue readingread full article

Source: TheGuardian