Corendon CEO on company's merger with Sunweb: Two cycling teams is a bit much

08 August 2019 06:05
Mathieu van der Poel's Corendon-Circus team and the Sunweb squad of riders including Tom Dumoulin and Michael Matthews may in future be affected by the still-in-progress merger between the two teams' main sponsors, according to the Dutch media. Dutch cycling website on Wednesday cited an interview that Corendon CEO Steven van der Heijden did with Dutch radio broadcaster BNR this week. In it, Van der Heijden admitted that he wasn't sure what the coming-together of his company with Sunweb might mean for the teams in the future, but did say that "two cycling teams is a bit much" for one parent company.ADVERTISEMENT It was reported in June that the Dutch travel company Sunweb Holiday Group had been bought by Swedish investment company Triton, which already owns holiday company Sunweb. "Two cycling teams is of course a bit much. The moment we jointly present ourselves to the market, that will become an important topic," Van der Heijden said during the interview. "We will naturally respect the contracts that we have," he continued. "In our case, they will continue for more than a year. But then, of course, everything is still open. It also depends on which brand name you continue with. If you go to one brand name, it would be strange to continue to sponsor two cycling teams. If you continue with two brand names, you might still be able to [run two teams]. You can read more at

Source: Cycling News