Fit in my 40s: am I too old to be practising BMX in the park? | Zoe Williams

12 October 2019 06:00
The hard part, at first, is to trust that you are not going to pitch over the handlebars• Fitness tips: four handy hints for BMX beginnersI am advanced enough in age to know not to be put off when I can’t do something after one hour. I can barely learn a new word in that time, never mind an entirely new way of distributing my weight so that I can jump on a bicycle. Still, I borrowed a BMX from a very kind BMX ultra called Stuart Dawkins and went for a lesson.BMX riding reminds me a little of parkour. First, there are about five basic moves that look incredibly impressive when someone else does them; you learn these straight away, but are miles away from being able to do them. Second, this is a young person’s game. There is a niche middle-aged woman BMX scene, dominated – possibly entirely populated – by Lesley Reynolds, 53, from Truro, the oldest member of the British team and, sincerely, an inspiration to us all. There is a track in my nearest park, but it is full of six-year-olds. Barging into that would be only fractionally more appropriate than going to soft play. Related: Fit in my 40s: can I become a strongwoman? Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian