Tim Hilton obituary

31 January 2024 05:55
Journalist, biographer of John Ruskin and brilliant art critic who wrote for the Guardian and Independent on SundayIn his introduction to the first volume of his defining biography of John Ruskin, Tim Hilton, who has died aged 82, wrote: “When I was an undergraduate in the early 1960s I was asked to understand that an interest in Ruskin was as foolish as an enthusiasm for modern art.” It is confirmation of Tim’s resistance to convention that his life became defined by both subjects.Tim led the spectacular revival of interest in Ruskin since the 60s and his biography is unmatched. He began work on this masterpiece in the early 70s. John Ruskin: The Early Years appeared in 1985, but it was not until 2000 that John Ruskin: The Later Years followed. Continue readingread full article

Source: TheGuardian