Yorkshire flies its flags for local cycling hero Lizzie Deignan

28 September 2019 09:40
Crowds greet cyclist for world championships, but she is denied goldIt was not hard to identify Lizzie Deignan’s granny by the roadside in Otley on Saturday as her granddaughter went for her second world championship on home roads. Marjorie Dunn was the one wearing a yellow T-shirt saying “I’m Lizzie Armitstead’s Grandma – Now Lizzie Deignan”.The last bit was a recent addition, after her granddaughter married fellow cyclist Philip Deignan in 2016. By Yorkshire logic, it seemed daft to fork out for new one just because Lizzie had changed her surname, so she went down to the print shop in town and asked them to update it. “We’re not buying another,” said her husband Ray, himself sporting a Team Armitstead polo shirt he’d been given by BP at the 2012 Olympics, where Deignan won a silver medal. Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian