Landmark cycling reform turns ugly as vote hangs in the balance | Kieran Pender

17 December 2019 05:00
With the Olympics on the horizon, a landmark reform has turned ugly with a vote hanging in the balanceAusCycling was intended to bring together the fragmented sport. Instead, it has led to name-calling, social media spats and boardroom stoushes and, as the Olympics approach, the ongoing governance of cycling in Australia hangs in the balance. There is a real risk that, far from bringing together Australian cycling, AusCycling could tear it apart.The initiative, led by Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia and BMX Australia, proposed merging the three national sporting organisations (NSOs) and their state/territory constituents into a unified body. The proposal, its supporters argued, would lead to better outcomes for members, millions of dollars in annual savings for reinvestment and a brighter future for the sport across all disciplines. With the support of federal agency Sport Australia, and the promise of a $2.5m cash injection, the three NSOs put the vote to their members. Related: Annette Edmondson crash can't stop Australia's cycling gold medal rush Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian